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The Empire

The Empire


Old World


Emperor Karl Franz




Old Ones

year created













The Moot




The Empire

The Empire is the main human army they were created by both theold ones for creatition of men and the dawarfs for the actrual army.

Elector Counts are Leaders of the provinces that want to be elected emperor. here is a list of each:

Averland Disputed
Hochland Aldebrand Ludenhof

Graf Boris Todbringer

Nordland Theodoric Gausser
Ostermark Wolfrain Hertwig
Reikland Emporeror Karl Franz
Stirland Graf Alberich Haupt-Anderson
Talabecland Helmut Peuerbach (mising)
Wissenland Emmanuelle von Liebwitz
Solland Eldred (last count*)
Drakwald Konrad Aldrech (last count*)
The Moot Hisme Southeart
other leaders Grand Theogonist Volkmar
Arch Lector Kaslain
Arch Lector Aglim
Ar Ulric Emil Vageir
  • The Provines of Solland and Drakwald no longer exist and the named Counts are the last of that particular Province.


From the time of Sigmar, sourcery in all forms was the greatest crime in the Empire and those with magical powers were ruthlesslyhunted down. However, during the time of the Greeat War Against Chaos, the Elven mage Teclis fought next to the armies of Magnus the Pious (A.K.A. Magnus the Great). To better the combat against the Chaos forces, Teclis gathered low level sorcerers of the Empire and taught them spells of fire and lightning bolts. These new Battle Wizards weren't valuble and were not trusted to Magnus' armies.

Upon hi rule of the throne, Magnus had asked Teclis to pass on his magical lore to the men of the Empire and despite the misgivings of his allies the mage accepted. Teclis relised hat the magical powers of men needed to be controlled or they would threaten the future of the world, he gathered the most powerful of human wizards and established the colleges of magic in Altdorf. Teclis taught all magic that was evolved by Chaos, but that it could be controlled and purified by a experienced master. Men learned how magic blew from the northern realms of Chaos in eight magical winds, each of which represented a unique Lore of Magic. For this is the sign of magic is the symbol of Chaos - the eight pointed star - and for each Lore of Magic Teclis founded seperate school of magic and taught it's first masters. The Winds of Men were inadequate to master all of the Winds of Magic but could master a single Lore.

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